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PlayBox for iOS [ iPhone 5S, 6, 6S, iPad] without any jailbreak

Download Playbox APK
How to Download PlayBox for iOS [ iPhone 5S, 6, 6S, iPad]: We will teach you how to download Playbox hd app for iPhone, ipad, ipod touch or any iOS device easily by following a number of simple steps and enjoy videos on your iOS devices right away. PlayBox for iOS or PlayBox HD app for iOS is considered to be the best entertainment app available which allows the users to watch free movies and TV shows right on their smartphone, tablets or PC's. PlayBox for iPhone can allow people to watch their favorite videos, movies as well as amazing and addictive TV shows on their iOS devices or PlayBox for iPod or PlayBox for iPad is also the best alternative to ShowBox for iOS as its not allowed/banned on all the Apple devices. Now let us see the method on how to download PlayBox for iOS so that you can run PlayBox on iPhone, iPad, iPod and all iOS devices that run on iOS 6 or later.

Playbox App for iPhone/ iPad/ iOS without any jailbreak

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PlayBox HD app replaces ShowBox app and provides intense entertainment to its users. Similar to the ShowBox app it has simple users interface, every one can use it easily without any trouble. You can download movies and TV shows from online within your gadgets without any charges and you can even choose the quality of video which is appropriate for your device. In the case of Android, we will use the Playbox apk or PlayBox for Android app.

The Playbox for iPhone application is the best rival entertainment app for the moviebox, showbox, popcorn time, sky hd app, cinema hd and more. Playbox hd aims to be the best entertainment provider in terms of quality as well as quantitative content. It provides thousands of videos daily which are totally new and fresh and you can watch them in the best quality possible. Playbox offers daily updation of videos and TV shows and you can watch your favourite videos right on the Playbox for iPhone app on all your iOS devices.

Playbox hd is considered to be the best entertainment app for Apple devices as it allows the users to stream TV shows, Cartoon Movies, movie trailers and animated movies with the best quality possible and totally free of cost. You just need an internet connection and an iOS device on which Playbox for ios is installed and you can easily run this app to enjoy the entertainment of the day.

How To Download PlayBox HD For iPhone, iPad, iOS Devices

First of all unlock your mobile phone and make sure it is 20% charged (to stop phone from crashing). Now open your Safari web browser. In the browser visit link Download PlayBox HD for iOS.
  • When you will visit this site, you will see that there are two options in which you can download PlayBox for iPad iPhone. First by clicking on Install button, second by scanning QR code.

Playbox App for iPhone, Playbox App for iPad,Playbox App for iOS, Playbox for iPhones
  • When you will click on Install button or scan QR code, a pop will appear on your screen asking permission to install the app on your phone. Just click on install thereafter!

install playbox for ipad, Playbox App for iPhone, Playbox App for iPad,Playbox App for iOS, Playbox for iPhones
  • Now you can click on Home Button to see downloading and installation progress. Once downloaded, you can open this app and start watching online movies and tv shows anywhere anytime from your phone.

playbox hd for iphone, Playbox App for iPhone, Playbox App for iPad,Playbox App for iOS, Playbox for iPhones

PlayBox HD For iOS Features

PlayBox for iOS is a totally unique app as there a lot of other such entertainment but what sets PlayBox for iOS apart is its amazing features which we have discussed below. PlayBox is one of the most intuitive and tailored app for the user-friendly interaction and display and deliver the most organized and optimized content to the users. The Playbox has a great interactive interface for all age-groups and it provides seamless streaming of the TV shows and movies. A lot of new and fresh videos are added daily to the application so that you don't miss out the special moments which are shared daily on the Internet and you stay updated with the big world of Bollywood, Hollywood as well as TV shows in the film industry!

  • Content is updated on a regular basis
  • Download a movie or TV show or any video right within the app
  • Excellent streaming facility
  • Supports different streaming options (upto 720p)
  • There is an updated iOS support which functions the Playbox for iPod app really well
  • The Playbox for iPhone app is totally bug free as regular updates keep coming on

Download Playbox For iPod Using vShare 


If you face any kind of difficulties in downloading Playbox from the above method, then you can try to download it using this alternate method which I am sharing. There is an iOS app named vShare which is available for free on the App Store as well as Google Play Store which allows you to access thousands of free apps which are pretty useful and entertaining for your iOS or Android devices. So you can even download Playbox for iOS using vShare easily. Just follow the below given steps in order to successfully download Playbox using vShare iOS app or Android app.
  • First of all you need to download vShare on your Android or iOS device and install it on your phone. You can directly download it from the App Store or Google Play Store or the vShare official website.
  • You need to choose the 'Trust' option while installing the vShare app on your iOS device
  • Once the installation completes, search for 'Playbox hd app' after opening the vShare app
  • Click on Download Playbox and wait for the download process to start
  • After download, click on Install and the Playbox app will be installed to your phone successfully 
Note: Please do not update the app after installing even if it asks you. It will either crash or not work properly if you update PlayBox HD app.

In this way you can alternatively download and install Playbox for iPhone, iPad and iPod easily and enjoy the free movies, TV shows, animated shows, Cartoons and lots more without any payment. We hope you liked both the methods!

So this is the most easiest way you can follow in order to download PlayBox for iOS devices. We hope that you make the most out of PlayBox HD iOS app on your iOS devices and watch all your favorites videos online. Feel free to ask any kind of queries regarding the installations of PlayBox for ios app on your iPhone or iPad. We would love to hear from you. Keep sharing and supporting us, cheers!
Download Playbox APK


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